The piano is produced in two major styles, upright or grand.

The specification of grand pianos are determined by their length Usually small grand pianos are called baby or parlor grand, the medium grand piano is sometimes called a studio grand, and finally, there is the great grand piano which is also called the concert grand

Great grand pianos are performance pianos, with major models consisting of the GP328 and GP275 etc, which you will find in fine performance venues such as theatres, great auditoriums and hotels.

The medium grand or studio pianos are found in music studios, academies, and other commercial locations, as well as some larger homes. The most popular models in this classification are the GP213 to the GP170.

The small grand pianos or baby and parlor grand pianos are found in homes and small restaurants. They are the models GP159 to GP142.

The specifications of the upright or vertical pianos are determined by height, the same as the grand piano is determined by length. In the case of the vertical or upright, the string length and size of the soundboard is a factor of the height. The longer the strings and the larger the sound board the more volume or sound the piano is capable of producing.

Upright pianos are also divided into three types or styles, great upright or professional upright, medium upright or studio upright, and small upright or console piano.

The models UP132 to UP125 are considered the great or professional upright pianos, which are especially designed for professionals, teachers and musical academic applications.

The UP123 to UP 115 are our medium or studio upright pianos. They are suitable for more advanced students in the home, for churches and in school music studios.

The small upright or console pianos are the UP110 to UP108 and below. Both styles of piano are suitable for family, school and kindergarten teaching.